The Clinton Speech Model

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Writing a gripping, interesting and emotional speech could be really tough task. What do you need to do a good memorizing speech? Of course, you need some inspiration, a little bit of research (or may be a little bit more), some interesting points to consider, an appropriate anecdote…

And then comes one of the most stunning questions: Now what? Where should I start from? Well…Why don’t you consider some of the practically proofed models and speech writing tactics? This is just one good suggestion: The Clinton Speech Model which I firstly knew 2 years ago during a PR training for governmental specialists in the Netherlands.

The Clinton Speech Model


- Central theme of speech

Attention and Problem posing

- Starting statement

- Starting statistic

- Starting statement

Problem indication and personalisation for audience

- Statistics

- Examples


- Solution of the problem through plan

- Good features of the plan


Audience invited to visualise problemsolving action and therefore the solution of the problem


1. A summary of the main points
2. Go back to your opening (make the circle round)
3. Make a recommendation
4. Call for action
5. Make a comparison
6. Give the quote to end all quotes
7. Words of thanks

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