“Only the educated are free” – Epictetus

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I came across this saying while surfing Internet and found it particularly relevant to PR professionals in Bulgaria. Thinking about Bulgarian PR practitioners, it is worthy mention some figures taken from a recent research.

Approximately 100% of the respondents had completed either a bachelors or masters degree, of which the largest part – 37% had majored in journalism. Nineteen (32%) of the respondents had never studied communication in their professional life. Approximately 63% of the respondents had previous career in journalism before gaining positions in PR.

What does the research show about Bulgarian PR practitioners?

According to the findings most Bulgarian PR experts used to be journalists before starting their career in Public Relations and only part of them have some professional education. At the same time, the majority are expected to perform managerial activities and work as highly skilled consultants at the top organisational level. In their previous work they used to pro-actively search information or to be recipients of information. They developed themselves as skillful writers looking for objectivity and professional accuracy but none of them has learned to think and plan strategically.

What does this mean for their new vocation? >

This is exactly where the inconsistency comes – Bulgarian PRs are expected to think as managers but unfortunately many of them have jumped into their new vocation from a non-managerial position. What happens is badly managed PR activities from which the client/organisation suffers. The PR professional image suffers too as the practitioners can’t justify the trust of their employer, which is the main reason of the latter for not authorising them to manage more complex and strategic organisational functions.

The result?

Bulgarian PR practitioners in their majority are seen as “in-house journalists” releasing e-mails and official statements on behalf of their organisations/clients. They don’t have the knowledge and the freedom to operate as real communication managers.

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